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Rayhoo Haobo Mold Technology Co., Ltd.



"Wuhu Rayhoo Haobo Mold Technology Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "joint venture") was formally established on April 21, 2017, the registered capital of 30 million RMB, registered for the Jiujiang Economic Development Zone Yongchang Road No. 89, by Ruihu Automobile Mold Co., Ltd. and Wuhu Haobo Technology Co., Ltd. joint venture set up, the ratio was 51%, 49%, by Rayhoo company holding. The company's business scope is: mold research and development, manufacturing, maintenance, production and sales; auto parts, parts manufacturing; project consulting and investment services; warehousing (in addition to dangerous drugs), logistics and transportation; new energy technologies and productdevelopment, production and operation.

The purpose of the joint venture is: through the various shareholders of the brand, technology and market advantages, is committed to high-end automotive large-scale structural parts of the mold R & D design, manufacture and sale, and progressive die expansion,extension, as the domestic structural parts, Progressive die industry backbone enterprises.

The first phase of the joint venture company plans to invest more than 7,000 RMB, of which about 50 million RMB in fixed assets, the main investment content for the rental Haobo plant, the new purchase of four gantry machining centers, two mechanical presses, a three coordinates, A number of auxiliary equipment, a period of construction period of 24 months, is expected to 2019 structural parts die annual output value of up to 100 million yuan. The second phase of the investment will be determined separately as the company's development.

Rayhoo Group has a total of seven subsidiaries, of which three wholly-owned subsidiary of Anhui Ruixiang Industrial Co., Ltd., Wuhu Rayhoo seized with Technology Co., Ltd., Rayhoo Automobile Mold Co., Ltd.; 2 holding subsidiaries for Fuji Rayhoo (Wuhu) Co., Ltd., Wuhu Ruihu Haobo Mold Technology Co., Ltd .; 2 shares of subsidiaries for Anhui Chengfei Ruihu Auto Mold Co., Ltd., Dalian Jiaxiang Technology Co., Ltd. Rayhoo Group is in a thriving development period, the establishment of the joint venture will further promote Rayhoo mold company to quickly increase production value, and mold parts in the mold market to occupy a higher technology, lower cost competitive advantage, become Rayhoo Group A development highlights.